Vengeance may be the root of what moves some to action. At the same time, providing others hope ultimately is the only motive that will resurrect our souls while we work to save and defend the lives of others. The only way to destroy the darkness that manifests evil is to learn to fly through […]

I could not write when I thought I understood the form of love. It was the moment I realized I had lost the only moment in time I was spiritually complete that I began to write. As I continued to write, I realized I had always retained that moment. The fire the North Star ignited […]

The form of our hearts is not determined by the past, the present, or the future. The form of our hearts is determined by how we love those who have touched our souls throughout the eternal sands of time, regardless of whether they are walking with us on the same line.

This world is a desert of deceit with wandering travelers who lust and feed from the very sand that ravages our bodies as it slowly kills our souls. At the same time, we disregard the living water that is right in front of us. While the wicked roam the desert sand pillaging the lives of […]

This world puts rocks in the pockets of alleged witches. At the same time, the guilty distract their minds regarding how they collect their riches. It is the liar’s sales pitches that attempt to transform the innocent into their bitches. As their lie begins to produce glitches, they realize they are digging the hole in […]

Bishop, my life you took,as you transformed a Rook into a crook. Bishop, my life you took,as you transformed a Rook into a crook. My pain is a trip of lies created by your lips,while you held your communion cup as I sipped. After you proclaimed this Methodist hymnal song,evidence shows it’s two of your […]

I am a haunted mirror, it is what you see that produces fear. As you spend the rest of your life terrified I will draw near. I will harvest every one of your tears before the day I let go of your body from this pier. Never again will you interfere with my blood as […]

It has been speculated where evil is born. Evil is born in the garden of assailants that present themselves as victims when they finally taste the wrath of those they have brutally victimized. At the same time, they gaze into the eyes of the seeds they planted as they are buried by them.

When we were together, and you had to leave, I gave you a long hug because you were the first woman in my life to show me what love feels like, and I was afraid of feeling what I feel now. The emptiness of missing you and wishing I could hug you and tell you […]

Money is not what drives me. What drives me is the strategic analysis of strengths and weaknesses within collected data points produced by superior opponents for the purpose of producing tactical victories inline with my strategic vision. Winning is all that matters because to me it means the conquest of good over evil. Standing a […]