False Soulmate

My heart fell for you long ago.
Your essence was as innocent and pure as a spring doe.
When I saw you in a crowd you are the only one that had eyes that glow.

My love for you will forever overflow.
My feelings for you will never plateau.
When we are together our bodies flow.
We have laid on the beach and made love slow.
And looked up at the moon as it shined on us below.

We have traveled this path and have been together everywhere we go.
I have protected you from the pouring rain as your chateau
But you have never been satisfied with the status quo.
As our life has swayed to and fro.
Your constant distance has hit me like a blow.

The longer you do this to me the deeper my pain will go.
And where that road will go I don’t know.
You’ve never shown remorse for the seeds you sew.
At times your heart is as cold as an Iowa snow.
As I look at your garden I feel nothing will ever grow.

Sometimes I feel it is time for me to let go.
But my love will never allow me to turn my back on the woman I chose.