Pyrebird is a firebird that will destroy the evil that damages the lives of children while attempting to conceal evidence of its historical acts. Mirebird is a bird of prey that will consume its remains in a court of law while presenting a spiritual blockchain of facts. My passion is fueled by my children being […]

This world will not remember Putin or the path he has taken. This world will remember when the Ghost of Kyiv was awakened, and haunted a tyrant God has forsaken. Цей світ не згадає Путіна чи шлях, який він пройшов. Цей світ пам’ятає, коли прокинувся привид Києва, і переслідував тирана, якого покинув Бог.

One day long ago, all I wanted was to climb down and be free from the tree that was protecting me. From the poring rain I was to young to see that was coming down at me. Now that I am free there is not much left of me. Running through the field finding nothing […]