Weakness is not having the courage, humility, or transparency to seek help regarding an identified problem, system outage, or failure. Weakness is the consumption of substances, execution of acts, or deployment of misrepresentations meant to assist with coping or concealing an identified problem, system outage, or failure.

There was a time when an offense occurred, or someone trespassed against me. I needed the offender to feel the dominance and intellectual superiority of my wrath. Ultimately people define themselves with the evidence of their actions. But, at the same time, we define ourselves while producing evidence of how we choose to respond. Only […]

Money is not what drives me. What drives me is the strategic analysis of strengths and weaknesses within collected data points produced by superior opponents for the purpose of producing tactical victories inline with my strategic vision. Winning is all that matters because to me it means the conquest of good over evil. Standing a […]