Illumination of the Onion of Deceit

Those that desire peace do not desire the destruction of those that choose to be their enemy.

When those that desire peace have been ravaged by the deceit of those that do evil all they desire is honesty, truth, and an apology. So that forgiveness can be given, and the path ahead can be travelled with a healed heart.

What produces this organic algorithm is that those that do evil do not speak the truth because they do not want their actions revealed in the light of God.

What threatens those that do evil is not those that desire peace.
It is the evidence of trespasses those that do evil have executed against those that desire peace.

What will destroy those that do evil is not those that desire peace.
It is the evidence of actions executed by those that do evil to conceal their trespasses against those that desire peace.

Deceit is an onion like a cryptographic algorithm that must be meticulously and methodically decoded. Upon completion the truth will be available for strategic planning and tactical execution.

Whether those that do evil provide the truth or leave those in pain with the onion a true cryptologist would prefer the opportunity to tear them apart layer by layer, piece by piece. The wise however know this will not heal the pain caused by the betrayal during the final feast.

Once pain reaches a certain depth there are no longer tears to be shed. Only through grace from God and the teachings of Christ can our souls be fed.

Everything that will ever be is God’s will going back to the first drop that entered the sea.

Everything the deceit of this world has tore.
Faith, Love, and Hope will eternally restore.