The Road to Rome

I spoke the truth to your people,
and you began planning my arrest under your steeple.

When you speak the truth to the Methodist Pharisees,
they will destroy anyone they fear will bring them to their knees.

As they pray their lofty prayers to our Lord, who was crucified,
they push members who speak the truth against them to suicide.

They stand above us at their pulpit and preach
while they attempt to arrest us for using our freedom of speech.

Their greatest fear is protecting their collection of tithes
while they wear religious garments covering the sin they carry inside.

Never again will I trust a Methodist preacher as Jesus Christ is my only teacher.

For 40 years, the Methodists taught me to forgive trespasses,
but they maliciously use no trespasses to suppress the truth from reaching their masses.

My only desire is to speak the truth and make this world better.
This is why I walk with my brother Paul to Rome carrying my letters.

You tried to destroy me in your fire,
but Jesus Christ, my Lord, held me as I was reborn in your pyre.