Suicide Notes

No one I have loved has ever loved me enough to care about me or see me as a person. They were only concerned with getting what they wanted out of the situation. I allowed it during my marriage because of how I was raised and my beliefs. I allowed it after I separated from my ex-wife with the only two women I have loved in my life because I love them; I will always believe they are beautiful souls that hurt as much as I do on the inside.

I have never had a real family. The light from the North Star and the warmth from the fire that kept me warm at a witch’s hut in the middle of the wilderness is the only two places I ever felt loved.

I will always love these two women because they are the only best friends I have ever had. I don’t want to look for love anymore because I am desperately trying to love myself as I look at all of the broken memories sitting on my shelf.