Savior Blade

As I slit my wrists to feel my pains suspension,
that is spread across the fourth dimension.
I see the end of my pain quickened by panic and hypertension.

The vain persecute those that are in pain of wanting attention,
as they cry out for help while dying in false detention.

Hurting those that I love was never my intention,
but now I feel my life is no longer worth retention.

Christ please forgive me and end this pain with my heavenly ascension.
I can no longer handle this pain that keeps me in perpetual apprehension.

Christ said to me:

I will walk with you through your pains transcension.
You must be strong and keep faith in this dimension.
Passion born out of your pain will produce your heart’s greatest invention,
and give you the tools to help your brothers and sisters needing spiritual extension.

When I opened my eyes I was in the hospital.

I knew in my heart Christ had given me my mission.

Before you make an act with a razor blade your final decision.
Know that Christ’s love and grace will give you hope and put your pain in remission.

He is the reason I am still alive with this conviction.