Stone, Fire, Water, and the Wickedness of Humanity

The bones of the innocent are crushed, burned, and drowned by the perpetuated illusion of righteousness of the wicked.

Humility does not carry a stone, fire, or water against it’s neighbor because it knows the hand that would hold it is just as dirty as the hands the rest of this world persecutes.

I persecuted someone once because my pain blinded me to the condition of my own hands.

That act did nothing but cause more pain while I failed to execute my faith. Causing others’ pain will never mend our inner pain or produce justice. Only love can heal the heart and perpetuate forgiveness and healing.

I will always love this person because I will always believe in the beautiful world I saw in her eyes and within her heart. When I remember what I felt when I held her hand, I no longer feel the pain she caused me. I only see the first person that showed me what love feels like and what it means to love someone.