Rock of Truth

The odds we face are irrelevant. The courage that we manifest within will overcome any obstacle while fueled by the passion of faith.

Fear is nothing more than an illusion the Adversary perpetuates around us to blind us from seeing truth.

My adversaries’ evil malicious desire to punish me for sins they born false witness against me has blinded them from seeing their own.

I have sinned in my life; I ask God for forgiveness for all but one.

I will keep speaking truth until the light of truth shatters the darkness that surrounds my children while it moves to destroy the lives of my neighbors.

If we are not prepared to die for what we believe in and those we love, we are unprepared to face a world that would rather destroy us and everything we love than face the truth.

I work to protect my children and the children of my neighbors; I know my Lord will protect me.