The Form of Addiction

When the production of endorphins through the execution of a desired action or process outweighs the pain or damage caused by the action or process itself.


My drug has been love itself.

I have scars from train tracks of pain that wrap around my body that go nowhere.

My addiction has been the need to feel love from one.

In my life, I have injected only the beautiful energy of a special two. While holding them it is the only time I felt hope and true love while trying to feel my soul renew.

At the end of line, I am trying to find a reason to love what is left of the person I see when I look in the mirror.
I am thankful for the two that held me during my life while I was in pain as I look at trails of dried tears.

For another, I will never be able to get down on one knee.
I would rather love and cherish their memories as I die alone at sea.

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