When all I feel is pain and the desire to see my blood dripping down my wrists.

When I cannot see because darkness is all there is while the Adversary is in my midst.

It was Christ that held me and gave me courage while I stood in this world’s fire and gave me the strength to look at my end and resist.

When we think there is nothing left there will always be love and hope. Even when we cannot feel it, love and hope shines down on us from above like a blinding light that we need only open our eyes and our hearts to see and feel.

Every word I write is filled with passion because every moment of my life I am holding back tears while I face my fears as I look at an aging man in the mirror.

This world can steal my dreams and crucify my body as it waits for me to die, but it will never take away my faith, and the love and hope I feel from the light that shines down from the night sky.

My friend put down the razorblade. I need your help, there are people out there that share our pain that we can save.