The War in Heaven

You lead a third of the fallen heavenly host as you try to deceive and betray our need for the Holy Ghost.

While you try to exploit me with things I love to taste while looking at women dressed in black lace, I find myself in a world I have always felt out of place while my only home has been my Lord’s grace.

As you tear my soul apart with thorns as you work to keep my soul from being reborn. You torture me with every memory in my life that I mourn.

As you torture my body and my soul with pain, you fail to realize you are only bringing me closer to my freedom from the Land of Cain.

You are nothing more than a lie, and every day you make me lust for the day that I will die; it is in that moment the love of the Holy Ghost burns the brightest deep inside.

You work so hard to convince me to want to die, but like a coward, you convince the Pharisees to crucify.

I love you, and I forgive you, brother, but with every day, you work in my life to trifle. The love in my heart will only burn brighter as I serve only the Lord my God, my name is Michael.