False Hope

Religion is nothing more than a fallacy,
used to control one through their spirituality.

A church is no more righteous than the thoughts in its head,
and the actions of the body while it’s fed.

The path to your spiritual call is not within the vanity of four walls.

Or under a steeple full of flawed people where candles grow dim,
as they compete to conceal their sin.

Where The Fallen while broken and down on their knees,
are persecuted and cast away by a body of Pharisees.

Love and forgive them all, be there to hold them when they fall.

When we are beat and crucified by this world’s heist.
Ask for forgiveness and give yourself to Christ.

Passion is a fusion of inner pain and unstoppable love,
that will be healed by the flight of a Dove.
As our life mission is delivered from above.

When you turn to prayer and listen to the Holy Spirit.
You will know there is nothing in this world you need fear it.