I can see you in a picture.
You’re not just a place for a household fixture.

I see a cabin on a few snowy acres.
Where I can wake up to my soulmate,
my eternal love maker.

Every night I find love, warmth, and healing inside my eternal pier.
Your breasts comfort me and shelter me from my fears.

I close my eyes and I can see a place where I can sit my guitar,
and write about my heart’s scar.

A place lost in a wilderness.
Where I am only found by her loving tenderness.

A place where I can wake up on Saturday mornings,
and run my fingers through her dark hair,
as the deepest parts of our hearts and souls we eternally share.

As I open the door for you to my Trans Am.
I want to explore this land only while holding your hand.
Lets goto Casey’s and get a drink,
and drive around listening to our favorite band.

As I am driving and taking us on an adventure I can’t help but glance,
and see you look into my eyes while in your seat you beautifully dance.

I look at you and smile and tell you I have a new joke.
You look back at me and smile and quickly say nope.

As we drive across this land and I eternally hold your hand.
I never want to leave this dreamland.

A home is not just a place with four walls.
It was the heart of the woman that l knew I would fall.

The only time I have ever felt complete and not alone,
was when I thought your beautiful heart was my home.