So many years ago, I looked into your beautiful eyes.
I was unaware of the heaven that was deep inside.

A world that was in your heart, and no matter how far life kept us apart.
We were meant to someday hold each other, and heal each other’s hearts.

When everything in my life had fallen away.
I only found peace, when next to you I lay.
I could look into your eyes, and run my fingers through your hair and see someday.
When you had to go, my heart needed you to stay.

What we shared was so special and real.
You are the only woman that has ever helped me heal.
I have spent my entire life feeling alone,
but when I held you I knew I had found my home.

When I held you, I could feel your pain.
I could feel our hearts were so much the same.
When you looked down at me, my passion you would tame.
For the rest of my life I wanted you to be the one that shared my name.

When my tongue was deep inside of you.
All of my heart you completely knew.
There was nothing I wouldn’t do.
To heal your heart and make you new.

When I looked into your eyes and you held me against your chest.
I knew my heart had finally come home, and could safely rest.

I thought we had forever.

In my deepest fears, I wonder if you always intended to sever.

There was a time I steered my life off of the Ocean Moon.
My future came from her womb.
While in her light, I was lost and slowly dying in her tomb.

When I had lost hope in life, you came to me like an Angel.
You filled my heart with love, and my life you untangled.
No matter from how far, for the first time I felt love and hope
under the radiance of my North Star.

I went against what I believe.
For the love I thought we conceived,
But now I sit here alone feeling so deceived.

You were my Bathsheba in the night sky.
To you I was ready to commit until the day I die.
When I looked into your beautiful eyes,
I cannot believe what I felt was a lie.
Either way I will love you until the day I die.
Only for you I went against what was written on Sinai.

Only for you I was willing to walk through fire.
But now that you are gone, my Soul feels as if it has nothing left but to retire.

As soon as you had all of me, you wanted to throw me back into the sea.
You put all the dreams we shared for the future on a pyre,
and you left me for dead again and again buried in the mire.
I gave you all of my heart, and you set my love on fire burning on a pyre.
Just to leave me wandering for eternity through the mire.

I came back to my hometown and I feel like I have drowned.
My life has become the Adversary’s playground.
Now I am lost in a place from way back when.
A place that you made feel like home again.
Now that you are gone I feel my light grow dim within.
As I live in a town full of pain with nothing but my pen.

I thought you were my eternal pier.
You dried every one of my tears.
You held me through all of my fears.
Everything seemed so clear.
But now you are not there, when I look into the mirror.

I wanted to know your heart for the rest of my life.
I wanted to hold you forever and call you my wife.

You were everything to me.
You were my hearts only key.
When my life was being swallowed by the sea.
You cut me down at the knees, and let me float away as broken debris.

I have asked myself why it took so many painful times for you to say Goodbye.
I want to believe it’s because when we made love,
you knew what you saw when you looked into my eyes.

I was willing to wait for you until the end of time,
But now my heart sits in a box of pine.

There have been so many times I have wanted to hold you.
To feel the pain inside of me subdue.
I see you in my dreams, as I feel my heart reaching out for the only love that has ever felt true.
But every time, I wake up missing the feeling of being next to you.

Love keeps no record of wrong. In your heart is the only place I have ever felt I belonged.
Now that you are gone, I must be strong and press on.

Everything that now is me,
it was you that gave me the strength to make it be.

I am the man that I am,
because of the love I felt while holding your hand.

I miss you more than you will ever know.
With every passing dawn,
I still can’t believe that you are gone.
As hard as I try to let go,
my love you will always know.

I feel so much love for you,
but you are no longer here to give it to.
So I have to invest it in something new,
to help myself get through.

As I travel across this land, alone in my Trans Am.
I will reach across the center console,
and remember what I felt when I held your hand.
No matter how forward moves time,
I will always remember the feeling of your hand in mine.
As our fingers would mingle and intertwine
I will never forget the look in your beautiful eyes,
when I felt complete for the first time.

I may never see you again,
but I will forever keep my love for you within.

It doesn’t matter how much time passes
it doesn’t matter from how far,
you will always be my only North Star.

Love is the only way in this life to get through.
In my life I have loved no one, as much as I loved you.
Making love to you is the only thing that has ever felt true.
In my heart forever you will stay,
because I will never stop believing in someday.