Courage and the Pursuit of Truth

When you have fallen and nothing in life on this world makes sense. When you have lost everything you have. When you have been betrayed by everyone that you thought loved you. When you have lost the one you love. When you fought for what you believe in and what you thought was right and you crash into the rock. You have to stand up because none of that matters. It doesn’t change who you are. It doesn’t change what you believe in. The only thing that defines you is what you accept in life.

Courage isn’t a level of physical strength or being able to talk the loudest. It is doing what you know is right regardless of what you know you fear. It’s turning a blind eye to what you know you fear and doing what you know is right.

You have to stand up and have faith in Christ and fly. When you take off he will show you that you always had what it took to fly.

The decisions and actions you take when you feel the most fear, when you feel the most pain, will be what echo throughout the course of your life and make you who you are.